Our Approach

How We Drive Quality Assurance And Improvement

Clients prefer Jani-Clean’s maintenance solutions and integrated facility management because of our focus on improvement and innovation. Each facility is unique and requires a different approach. We believe the combination and application of operating efficiencies and proven energy conservation measures drive the most performance and savings over time. Our staff leverages a playbook approach to analyzing operations and current conditions to set the best project schedule during the transformation phase.

Quality Assurance And Governance

We drive quality assurance performance through a governance approach and relationship management. Our approach includes:

  • Measuring client satisfaction on all levels of the organization.
  • Easy communication structure that identifies each staff member’s direct accountability or responsibility, and those staff members that need to be only informed or consulted.
  • Alignment of interests through performance metrics tied to incentives and penalties and a means to constantly improve metrics to our clients’ changing objectives.
  • We are constantly circulating subject matter experts, senior managers, and specialists into the relationship to address continual improvement opportunities and ideas.
  • Clear accounting and reporting of performance.

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